Wednesday, March 22, 2006

A long day at office...

Summer of 1987.
I was 7 years old. Me and my elder brother had a terrible physical fight, bruising ourselves almost to the extent of having permanent scars. My mom had intervened and did her act of scolding (which invariably follows with crying) and threatening to complain to dad. I formulated all the wrong things my brother had done which had ensued The Great Battle, so that my case wins over my brother's in my father's court.

Soon, the clock ticked 8 PM and sure enough, my dad's car turned up over the driveway. My brother and me ran to the car just as it stopped, hoping that the first man gets justice. As it happens in cases when the judge's gavel is just not powerful enough, both of us started shouting over one another, justifying our actions. My mom simply stood at the doorway and gave a brief description of The Duel to my dad and went inside. My dad too went inside the house, turned, and closed the door, leaving me and my brother out in the driveway. We were locked outside the house for more than I could care to recall. I could sense the trickle of a tear. I felt bitter towards my dad.

Today, I realised, if my kids had come running to me, complaining to me about their petty quarrels, just as I reached home after a long day at office, I guess I would have done far worse than what my dad did...

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The Odyssey begins...

Summer of 1997.
"So, what are your plans after BE?" I asked my senior Sid.
"I will head for higher studies...GATE, perhaps."
"Wow. Isnt that supposed to be difficult?"
"Was CET difficult?"
An uncertain shake of the head.
"Is BE difficult?"
Again an uncertain shake of the head.
"It is just the thought that puts you off. Once you start, leaving behind the apprehensions, and cross the threshold, you will be in a different world altogether. All that is needed is to enter the door and the rest will be history."
I always remembered this conversation. Whenever I wanted to push myself to do something new and apprehensive, I remembered Sid's advice.
I never pushed myself hard for higher studies, but I sure crossed the threshold of creating my own blog after months of speculation....