Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Feels Good...

Parents in US...
Felt like an achievement...

Monday, September 11, 2006

9 To 5

For months together, I have been dreaming about a job which occupies my day only from 9 to 5. Today, I went to office on the dot at 9 and left office on the dot at 5! Although I didnt change my job, today was a luxurious day when it comes to timing, and I felt really happy!

It wasnt that I was bored to death and was waiting to leave at 5. It wasnt that I was jam packed with work and forced myself to leave at 5. Things went coolly and calmly, in a soothing manner and in its on pace. Jobs got done without issues and it felt great to have had an efficient and productive day!

Time and again, I find myself grousing to the Almighty for the lack of such-and-such a thing. What I fail to realise is that when such-and-such a thing is actually bestowed upon me, sometime later, my grouses would have shifted to some other object of desire and the whole fact of the original wish having been bestowed is lost in translation, and the feeling of 'You-dont-do-anything-to-me' remains topmost against the Doer of Everything!

Time to bow and say a heartfelt : Thanks!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Salutations... all those who were directly or indirectly affected by the 9/11 tragedy five years ago.

A moment of silence to all those who will forever be heroes...

So whats new...?

Woke up at 11 as on any typical Sunday. Saw a Hindi movie : Kalyug. And then US Open Men's Finals. Federer is simply awesome. Rued not having gone to New York to see it live. A nice walk in the evening cold. Saw a shocking documentary on 9/11's true happenings caught on tape. And finally a blog.

As on any day, mind muddling conversations and thoughts always get processed. Heard about one more colleague having quit the company. Its now so common that you are looked at queerly if you do not quit at onsite...I am often now being asked the same question I ask myself : What are you doing?

There was a talk of how lonesome I am getting these days. People quitting. People moving out. People getting married. Not enough guys to hang out with these days. Its common now to go to a gathering where I will be the odd man out. All would either be paired or engaged or married, and topic would undoubtedly be about their exciting future. Again, I am often being asked the same question I ask myself : What are you doing?

Saturday, September 09, 2006


One more 'wasted' day. Seriously, I feel I am wasting royally an awful lot of good life. Saw clips of some movies (to kill time) but they turned out to be terrible. Stopped them all midway.

Just finished writing a nice mail to a good friend of mine. It had been quite some time since I had wrote to him. It had a lot of 'advice' poured in good measure than the talk of general health. It somehow feels good to give advice. Whether its taken or not is upto the recipient, but one feels good after giving advice. Its like having done something good! I hope the mail helps him...

Spoke to another of my junior who has come to US to do her MS. I am terribly proud of her. I have a high respect, in general, for those who pursue higher studies. Perhaps its because I didnt do it myself. I keep pushing people whomsoever is thinking about it, to go ahead and just do it. Do what I say but dont do what I do!

Chatting with anyone at this age of mine inevitably will bring up the topic of marriage. I might have used the same usual sentences with hundreds of friends. Perhaps I should save a template and keep copy pasting!

Just came to know that a fellow colleague quit. There is always a tinge of sadness when someone quits. But then again, its for their own good. The future will definitely have good things to offer if they pursue their true ambitions. My sincere wishes for a wonderful life ahead.

Couple of days ago, I saw Water. A depressing movie, like The sea inside. But very touching and poignant. Makes me feel I am so lucky.

Once in a while, a lesser known, offtype movie catches my attention, and I end up seeing all through, and at the end, it will leave me with a smile and satisfaction of having seen it. Son-in-law, Racing stripes, Something that Lord made, Patch Adams, Fever pitch, Lost in Translation, The girl next door, On the line are some examples. And today I happened to see Big Girls dont cry...they get even. As informed in IMDB, this movie is best enjoyed on a lazy day!

Perhaps it wasnt all that bad a was just another lazy weekend! Will sign-off with a cliche from the Big girls... :

"Have fun and enjoy! Dont torture yourself...Life will take care of it!"


Neither a bachelor enjoying bachelorhood....
Neither married enjoying marriage...

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Conflicting Climate

One day I am non existent...
One day I am omnipresent...

The mind is not built to handle such conflicting climate.
Makes me baffled.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


It was needless to ask nor say why it was being told.
There are some things which are implied even when left untold.

Nothing can be done nor will things change, but it provides the warmth to just be told.
Touched deep inside an emotional chord.

I was happy all day till I heard it...Well, I am sorry too.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Just Babble

..Had been to San Francisco for the Labor day long weekend! It was a city which had evaded me all these months, and finally now that I am back, I wonder why I was looking forward to it so much. Perhaps I had very high expectations, or I was misled. Not that its disappointing. Its just another good place in US worthy of a visit. Golden Gate wins hands down.

..Princess got engaged to Prince Charming! The Lochinvar of her life has finally swept her off her feet! God bless the couple!

..I am reading The diary of a young girl - Anne Frank. Pretty depressing to think about the life innocent people had to lead during World war. Couldnt help thinking about this when I saw multitude of families enjoying the Sun and beach, playing with kids and having a gala time at Lake Tahoe. An improbable thought back then I suppose.

..I quite liked the significance of the dots prior to the sentence, using as bullets. But I have a painful story about it. However, I recently liked the usage of hiphen too. Perhaps in my next blog! The bullets generated in the blog editor somehow was not all that appealing.

..Parents coming to US next Wednesday. Looking forward to it. Have this unique thought that I have to now balance life between work at office and family at home with parents. Something that I had never done before in my life. Back in Bangalore, I came back home from office whenever I wanted to. I kinda feel the responsibility now. Is this how its going to be after marriage?

..I saw a small cute little kid playing, with her school bag on her shoulders, running behind butterflies, and jumping up and down the garden, and her mom waiting on the curb for the school bus, with one hand having the lunch box, and an eye on the daughter. Such a pretty sight! Two decades later, the kid will be in the same position as the mom, with the same responsibility I was talking about above.

..People who leave comments on blogs usually are responded by the author with a reciprocatory comment. I prefer to mail back to the person who comments. Offlate, some kindly viewers are leaving anonymous comments, and some who have their own blogsites but no immediate email IDs to respond. I have to admit I get frustrated when I cannot respond back. Boohoo.

..I got a forward today which, in essence, said, as has so many of them, 'The way you look at the world, the world looks back at you'. It made me wonder.

..I was just chatting with a friend of mine. She has come to US for MS. She is my junior, and we had a great rapport when we were both in college during engineering. I have had some of the best conversations with her. Today's chat started off with 'Hey hi. Hows you doing?' 'Good. And you?' 'Good.' A break of 5 mins and nothing happened. Funny. Thats all there was to say. Look what time and distance does to relationships. We didnt have enough time in college bus to talk in its winding one hour to and fro college trips day in and day out all year through, and here we are, 6 yrs later, with hardly anything to talk but general health.

..I read a beautiful blog today. As informed in one of my previous posts, its one of the amazing things to experience.

..I usually dont like to give links in my blogs, as it will make the reader lose his continuity. But at times, I am forced. Like this one. One of the best I have ever read. Some people really write well.

..Reading the phrase 'perverse pleasure' in the above-linked-blog made my mind think about writing a blog full of perverse pleasures. But I refrained myself from doing so. No particular reason.

..Felt good writing this. Like unwinding myself. Was I inspired (see untitled)? Perhaps...

..Time to sleep. Tata. Speaking of Tata, its strange so many of us adults have stopped using this usually-first-ever-learned word of the human life span. When I say it, many people smile. Perhaps at my innocence, or perhaps of their reminiscence of childhood. Its still a great word to me. I really like it. Tata, again.