Monday, September 11, 2006

9 To 5

For months together, I have been dreaming about a job which occupies my day only from 9 to 5. Today, I went to office on the dot at 9 and left office on the dot at 5! Although I didnt change my job, today was a luxurious day when it comes to timing, and I felt really happy!

It wasnt that I was bored to death and was waiting to leave at 5. It wasnt that I was jam packed with work and forced myself to leave at 5. Things went coolly and calmly, in a soothing manner and in its on pace. Jobs got done without issues and it felt great to have had an efficient and productive day!

Time and again, I find myself grousing to the Almighty for the lack of such-and-such a thing. What I fail to realise is that when such-and-such a thing is actually bestowed upon me, sometime later, my grouses would have shifted to some other object of desire and the whole fact of the original wish having been bestowed is lost in translation, and the feeling of 'You-dont-do-anything-to-me' remains topmost against the Doer of Everything!

Time to bow and say a heartfelt : Thanks!


Guru said...

that is a rare thing to happen.. its been ages since i had such satisfactory day at work. It is always either tension or boring :)

janani said...

Great man! I can understand the satisfaction perfectly well when you have had a day like the one you have described!

The article reminds me of a prayer in school which i say even today (not sure if it is sheer force of habit :))...

"Thank you God for the world so sweet. Thank you God for everything"