Sunday, April 09, 2006

The Satan Speaks...

Everyone commits a crime.
Everyone commits a sin.
And not everyone intends to harm, but due to situational oscillations, in the end, the Repent stands out Tall.
And by that time, its a point of no return, and the damage is irreparably done.

The conscience of the Act makes one never to forget what one did, and makes sure future is not going to be the same happy self that it was.
Yet, one tries to make one's life as same as it was and act as if nothing happened.
But, the fear lurks that the sins of a person will always return.
And it surely does.

Its just a matter of time...

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Praveen Mayakar said...

Someone great said " The thief is not different than others, only that he gets caught".

It takes loads of goodness to be unsinful and you need to be smart not to be caught!