Monday, July 03, 2006

Samayaniki Dagu Mata Ladane

One's speech portrays one's character. It is in one's manner of communication that one can either win hearts or create hatred. By a simple and pure hearted conversation, it is so easy to gain the comfort and homeliness of the other party instead of asking rhetoric spiteful questions.

What kind of sadistic pleasure can anyone achieve by speaking spitefully and with ill intent? Is it not human decency to be pleasant to one and all, and to relate to other human beings' feelings and thoughts? What happiness can one derive by putting down others?

Knowing what to speak, when to speak and how to speak will go a long way in leading a better Life. A conversation, in which both the parties feel honoured to speak, automatically opens out heretofore never ventured avenues and strengthens the bond.

If it is not possible to be nice and pleasant, then the least one should do is just keep quiet. Silence speaks a lot more than one's actions.


Guru said...

"Samayaniki Dagu Mata Ladane"... first err. correction.. i suppose it should be "Samayaniki THagu Mata Ladane".. i am not sure if there is a word dagu in telugu...

well.. said that.... u r correct !! speak decent and expect to be spoken decently.. i guess it more like the old policy of give and take respect!!..also.. u r point of keeping mum at least is kind of not realistic i believe.. most of us speak when we are not needed to speak and keep quiet when the need arises!! have u observed that!!

Praveen Mayakar said...

True that to understand and to be understood deserves a very careful and appropriate usage of the vocabulary and the goodness of the soul is required. To say is something anyone can do, but to say what the listener would love to listen is an art. Not everyone can do this than a scholar who is a good orator.

I to some extent agree with Guru, silence is not always a practice to be followed for not being nice and pleasant. Being mute, animals can express their pleasure and happiness. There are somethings which get expressed better when they dont use the most powerful muscle of the face.

I would also point out that at situations which tend to be acidic where someone reacts to you. with the fact that you are being good and wise the best thing i can quote is "Silent is the hardest way to refute". If the person keeps criticising, commenting, making faces at you do not worry... Give back a smile from a calm face. The hardest of such alligators will run away, back to their stinking lakeside.

To conclude with a good incident->
Once a good man is being accused by a drunkard and there comes the great Buddha and sees that the good man is crying for the words that are being arrowed at him. Buddha calmly orders the drunkard to keep quite. The good man bows to Buddha and complains about the drunkard abusing him. Buddha with his charmly smile says tells him "If an unwise person stalks you with his words, why do get hurt. He is the one who is doing bad, he shall be the one who shall suffer. Wise men do not get affected by such elements".