Wednesday, December 27, 2006

"Mere Mortal"

That there are two sets of people – the achievers and their admirers has been very clear to me since eons.

A short man walking into the arena filled with a hundred thousand people, receiving a standing ovation speaks about the ratio of the achievers and admirers.

But to be that achiever, one has to sacrifice so much the otherwise normal admirer would have had had easily through the course of life.

To have the guts to traverse on the road less traveled by.

A simple life such as reading books, watching great movies, hanging out with friends, lazy gossip, chatting, surfing will all be replaced by constant dedication towards the one and only goal in life.

And once that goal is attained, once that standing ovation is attained, the question that comes to the mind is, “Would I have been better off appreciating the casual things in life, or am I better off having a dedicated and sacrificed and satisfied life of having achieved something?”

Appreciation or Satisfaction.

Admirer or Achiever.

It is perhaps for such situations as these that the phrase ‘Mere Mortal’ has been coined.


nikhilraikar said...

Good One Buddy !!!

SimblyDimply said...

with great talent comes great burden.. it is almost like being hijacked by its presence in your life. It is not easy being a hero. yes, after the destination has been reached, maybe all the personal sacrifices seem huge. Yet the thrill and kill is in the journey. The destination is inconsequential.