Sunday, January 14, 2007

A child's play

The kid in front of our house is very cute. It has nice chubby cheeks and a rotund robustness! It mouths words of only two syllables; sometimes mumbling to itself and sometimes to elders, as if with great importance!

The moment it sees me in my balcony, an unhindered, spasmodic joy overcomes its body, and its face churns out a huge smile, the hands and legs suddenly starts bouncing about and if her mother is nearby, the kid runs out to her mother and buries her face deep inside the saree acting shy but inwardly being tremendously happy! And slowly, the face comes out again with that same smile.

Sometime then, the face comes out in the wrong angle, the sweep of the eyes suddenly sees a vegetable vendor on the road, and momentarily I am completely forgotten! The vegetable vendor notices the kid’s eyes on her and gives the kid a small carrot. The kid happily takes the carrot and starts munching.

During this munching, the face starts moving hither and thither, and suddenly I am in its radar again! Once more, as if it’s the first time she has seen me that day, an uncontrollable and unparalleled joy comes over her in a fit and she starts running and jumping again. It is all smiles, and hand-waves, and its as if she is at the pinnacle of all happiness! Looking at me is like turning a switch of abundant joy to her!

Such innocence, such joy, such forgetfulness, such happiness…
Why is it that we lose it all? Is losing it all a part of “growing-up philosophy”?

We stop laughing and playing because we became old. But…
We become old because we stop laughing and playing…

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Anonymous said...

an irony of life... or possibly... climbing down the endless ladder :)