Saturday, February 17, 2007

The Elements of Universe

The Sun is just rising to a cloudless azure sky.
The climate is just about perfect.
The birds chirp happily.
The river flows steadily.

A few steps ventured into the river and the small pail is filled with water.
In one quick heave, the pail is above the head and the body is completely splashed.
Successively, the pail is filled and splashed from head downwards.
The repetitiveness is so spontaneous that there is no time to inhale.

Gasping for breath and splashed with water, over and over and over.
Like a vehicle being washed, thoroughly getting rid of dirt.
The cleansing feeling of sins of the body and mind and soul getting washed away.
The sense of Ultimate Purification.

Dried and fresh, a few soulful minutes in front of the morning Sun.
The quick walk to the nearby shrine.
Gratitude in eyes, knees genuflected and palms for alms.
The Healing Touch.

At the end of the day;
There are no parents, no siblings, no spouse;
No cousins, no relatives, no friends, no colleagues;
It is just the Elements of Universe.

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