Sunday, April 29, 2007

April 2007

April of 2007 for me has been one of the most eventful months in recent times. There were lots of weddings but alas! lots of sad news too.

The very first day of April, while I was enjoying a nice bath in Iruppu falls near Nagarhole after a small trek amidst the Brahmagiri Mountain Range near Wayanad, Kerala, my grandparents met with an accident and passed away. The next few weeks involved active participation in the sad performance of the religious rites. This entailed my absence to my good friends Abhishek and Archana’s wedding on April 5th.

However, I was able to attend the weddings of my other good friends Ceby on April 12th and Mani on 25th. But April 26th being a very auspicious day (5 weddings on that day including Mani’s!), I managed to spend more time only at my cousin Jyotsna’s wedding and just flashed a smile at the grooms in two (Manjunathan & Jayant) other weddings. Thankfully the last one was away from Bangalore, although the telepathic wishes remain all the same!

On April 21st-22nd weekend, enjoyed a great deal with office colleagues in the small quaint little village of Kullanjawadi (perhaps misspelt) near Cuddalore and Pondicherry. A memorable trip which mainly involved multiple baths at farm pump set! The beach at Mahabalipuram and the Pondicherry Ashram also were "sites of nice time"!

But apart from all the joy in April, there were lot of deaths that touched the soul. And sad part being most were by way of accidents. Apart from my grands, nine people died on Bangalore-Mysore road when the vehicle tried to avoid a dog and went over the median. 3 professors waiting in a bus-stop died when a vehicle jumped the signal, lost control and rammed into them. A kid fell down an unused well and was found dead when it was pulled out after 56 hours. A massive shoot-out at Virginia Tech University killed 32 people including a celebrated professor who had carved out a success story, coming from a remote village in India, and 26-year old Mumbai girl.

Apart from the few days of celebration of the union of the blessed couples and the two trips, April of 2007 has been a sad, sad month.

I sincerely hope that the days to come embrace peace and tranquility, and makes the World a happy and joyful place to live…

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