Thursday, January 10, 2008

Traits of a successful man?

Prominence to hair and hair-style.

Dressed-to-kill and dressed-for-the-occasion.

Its either branded or its not.

Fluently knowledgeable on most topics. Evokes a jaw-dropping monologue.

Clarity in speech and focus of mind. Knows exactly what he is speaking.

An amazing sense of humour. Might not rip you with laughter but surely a joy to talk with.

Meets an eye with an eye. Exuberates power and liveliness.

Girl Friend
Wins a girl than being handed on a platter. The beautiful adjective is superfluous.

Marries the girl friend and leads a happy life with her for the rest of his life.

Settles down with a luxurious life in US or UK.


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nikhilraikar said...

I agree with everything else other than the last point. Anyone who has most (if not all) of the remaining qualities would be successful anywhere (not just US or UK) and in any field (not just IT or medical).
Lets not glorify the expats more and encourage brain drain any more.

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