Friday, March 21, 2008


Suddenly, I am hearing Hubli everywhere.

..Car coming from Hubli to Bangalore makes headlines as all 6 passengers die in a freak accident. May their soul rest in peace.

..A new guy joined our team in office. His last name is Hubli.

..Friend of mine is going to Hubli to attend her best friend’s wedding.

..Buses and flights to Hubli easily spotted and heard (boarding calls) respectively during my brief stay in Mumbai.

..I read an article about Sudha Murthy and learnt that she hails from Hubli as well. [Am I the next NRN in the making? ;-)]


Guru said...

he he he.. it is not that u r hearing Hubli everywhere all of a sudden.. it is just that u r noticing it more because u r interests towards hubli has increased exponentially.... :P

SimblyDimply said...

I agree with guru.. now that all roads lead to Hubli.. you are noticing the signposts!

~rAGU said...

do not forget they have the ksrtc bus stop in a new place now!