Thursday, April 17, 2008

'Happy Birthday to you too!'

Couple of years ago,
I had to remind people around me
That it was my birthday
And get myself wished.

Although its no big deal
It still hits you
When the clock turns 12
And no one realises the special moment but you.

On this special day,
You would want to feel important
For, if no one makes you feel special
Your very existence would seem so trivial.

But at the same time,
Its funny how the closest of chummies
Fail to make you happy
While a mere acquaintance can remember to wish!

But now, for the rest of my life
One person will always wish me on my birthday without fail
And I will convey the same to her too
For its her birthday as well!

'Happy Birthday!'
'Happy Birthday to you too!'
'I love you!'
'I love you too!'



Anonymous said...

"You'll never be lonely if you learn to befriend yourself." ( for us bacholers) :)

Swati said...

totally missed conveying wishes to her. Had noted it but missed it :(

Vanditha said...

fantastic to know that both ur birthdays fall on the same day !!! Wishing you both a very happy birthday again!!

nikhilraikar said...

Man!!! Courtship has made a poet out of you!!!