Tuesday, February 03, 2009

0730 hrs

As I was waiting for my company bus today at 0730 hrs,
Amidst the myriad of vehicles plying about,
Some school vans, some college vans, some company vehicles,
Some autorickshaws, some public buses,

And amidst people at various stages of getting ready for the day,
Some returning from morning walk, some starting off,
Some dropping children to school, some heading to office,
Some getting milk from the shop, some fuelling up their vehicles,

I had this random thought:

How many people would be awake, up and about by 0730 hrs?!


Deepti said...

certainly not me, my best sleep is at that time..hengidya , laang tem no see..

Mayuresh said...

how many time have I told ya.. It wont be me..
for pete's sake let it go.. >:o(
I even wrote a blog, the one that I was awake at 7:30..