Monday, March 23, 2009

Three Hundred And Three

Well, well, well!

Third year anniversary of Kaleidoscope and this is the 300th post, following 200th post on 2nd year anniversary and 100th post on 1st year anniversary. Now, isnt that something, or what?!

To be honest, I really had no intention to hit 300 on 3, but the comments on the 200th post really made me go for it.
~ I wanted Guru's 3 cheers for the 2nd anniversary to really be 3 cheers for the 3rd anniversary.
~ I 'kept going' as Deepti advised me to, and indeed posted many 'Hubballi' related (read 'wife') posts, and yes, the small pleasures is what I really cherish in my life and post them as blogs.
~ Nikhil's comment really inspired me to go for it, come what may, and yes sir, it was difficult, with the partner of my new innings urging me always to 'Sleep! Its getting late!'.
~ And, last but not least, I have tried my best to paint that Dark land which is far far away from Mayur into a beautiful palette of colours that forms the real Kaleidoscope....!

Anyways, Happy Birthday to Dear Kaleidoscope!! I am happy!



SimblyDimply said...

Whooowwwwww! 3 years ha? Have I known you for that long now? Man, time just flies...

Your blog is a refreshing read, the honesty of your thoughts is something I look forward to. Keep going!!!!

Mayuresh said...

all far away lands are dark, for our eyes only see so far..
someone should paint them for us
In someone you should trust or risk staring at the horizon at best

Even if they are not a 'beautiful palette of colours'
the journey is always worth the troubles
for there is always an horizon and more dark lands to go to.

Guru said...

Um... well I am here again, shouting 'Three Cheers' to you my friend and happy 3rd b'day to my read.

great going with those 'Sleep! Its getting late!' dialogues.

Glad! I shall wait to wish Kaleidoscope again next year.