Sunday, August 23, 2009

Question of the day

My wife and I were playing badminton for the first time in our lives, in United States of America, just in front of our house, in the lush garden that spans across our community. We had asked our parents to get the rackets and the shuttle cock from India and it seemed a nice game to play in the evenings.

Apparently, it is not a well known game here. Soon after we started playing, some kids came and started watching us. One of them ventured to ask what the name of the game was. But another one had an even more interesting question:

“Are you adults?”



SimblyDimply said...

ROFL... hengidya guru btw?

Kavitha Lokesh said...

Wow,Tell me if u still continued playing ;)

Achala*Ram said...

This is hilarious ....If it was now , u could have said ..Nope we are Avatars....:D