Sunday, January 17, 2010

Qs of the day

Quote of the day:

"When my mother resisted my decision to start working as an assistant in Bollywood at age 16, I told her I wasn't stopping my education. I was just beginning it. I was always very clear about what I wanted."

- Aamir Khan to a Times of India reporter

Question of the day:

How is it that some people are always very clear on what they want, and some are not?!

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janani said...

Hey Rhonda Byrne (The Secret) says man has 60000 thoughts per day....doing some random calculations its about 42 thoughts per minute....and obviously 42 thoughts cannot be of the same type/subject. and with so many thoughts how can anybody claim to be focussed or having clarity? :)These so-called "focussed" folks....are they super-humans? :)

P.S. Harsha, please do NOT accept this comment (for publishing)...i dont want to be the sinner who transformed the few "blessed" ones with clarity into CONFUSED souls like me he he he :)