Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Superior and The Subordinate

I was waiting for my manager the other day in his cubicle and saw a unique scene:

~ At the north east end of the floor, I could see the GPM standing at the door of the DM’s cubicle and talking to the DM.
~ At the north west end of the floor, I could see an SPM standing at the door of another GPM’s cubicle and talking to that GPM.
~ Here I was, at the center of the floor, almost a PM, waiting for another SPM.
~ Finally, at the south end of the floor, I saw a bunch of freshers cursing my peers (almost-PMs and PMs) for giving some crap work.

There you go! The complete chain! Majorly, the subordinate waiting on his superior but the superior being a subordinate himself.

Reminds me of what one of my own ex-managers had once told me “Everybody hates their managers.” I have come to realize that while this is not 100% true, it is indeed true in most cases.

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