Saturday, September 11, 2010

Coding and Gender

I have had many guys in my team who code and write software programs exceptionally well. They breath and live code day in and day out. They are easily the most sought after in the entire team. They spend more time assisting the not-so-talented software programmers but the tribe of talented-coders really do not mind helping people by churning out a 5-line code that does everything that the not-so-talented-coders want.

But the thought that struck me was, in the last 8 years of being in the software industry, I have never seen such a trait in any female member in my team nor with any of the other teams with whom I have worked, including the team in US when I was in US. I have not seen any female member who churn out code for the needy, who are most sought after in the team, who breath and live code. At most, four girls come to my mind who come close to such a technical competency level but were not really up there. However I have seen couple of female trainers who could write really good code and teach how to code.

Writing code is synonymous to writing logic. A logic can be written only when it is understood and designed. It is not a simple task to design a software system when all the business scenarios are laid down on paper. It needs a huge amount of acumen and mental marbles to write a defect-free code that handles all use-cases and scenarios mixed with sufficient amount of buffering enforced in code for negative test cases.

Does the fact that I have not had the privilege of working with such female folks imply that there are no female folks capable of such a feat? Or is it that I am just plain unlucky to have not crossed roads with such womenfolk?

Just when I was wondering about the above question, a code competition was held in our company in different software languages such as C++, Java, DotNet, etc. After multiple rounds, the winners in each language were finally announced.

They were all men.

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SRAVAN said...

I still tend to think you've been plain unlucky.