Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Office Campus

The campus in which I work has about 50 odd buildings. All the buildings belong to the same company and same organisation. But, to a large extent, each building is an entity by itself. For e.g., say if I am in building 13 and I am walking near building 18, if there is an event or a social gathering underway in building 18, then I will have no clue about what it is all about. It is as if each building is a company of its own and they are having their own parties.

Thought for the day: So, it really isn’t one company, any more.

Flip-thought: But then, it will be hardly feasible to involve all employees in all 50 buildings for all events held within the campus.

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Samrat said...

So true, I recently went behind the "Titanic" building and realized that I had never seen that part of the campus :O