Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Back-to-Back 'Never-Before's

Immediately after graduation (more than eight years ago), I searched for a job. I saw an ad in the newspaper for fresher recruitment for a call center job and I attended it. I scraped through the written test and was asked to undergo a second round of interview. This interview was conducted by an external agency which concentrated more on everything that was related to audio - like voice modulation, accent, grammatical correctness, etc. Prior to this interview, there was a brief 10 minute presentation given by one of the members in this external agency for all those who were about to undergo the audio interview.

This presentation was mind blowing. It was like a ‘never-before’ experience for me. From the beginning till the end, the presenter kept us all in rapt attention at the same time cracking sufficient jokes to diffuse our tension. The way he spoke, the way he moved his hands, the way he smiled – it was like a live performance on stage. He was basically giving us the heads-up on the interview and all the necessary instructions. But each such instruction was filled with wit and hence it stayed in the memory. At the end of the presentation, I was in awe of him and admired his profession and the way he was executing it.

It just so happened that I flunked in that second round. But within a week the same call center company visited my college for recruitment. Again I cleared the first round and again I was asked to attend the second “audio” round in the same external agency. Again there was a presentation.

To my shock, the same presenter said the same sentences, the same words, the same jokes with the same body language! It was indeed a stage play! He was like an actor. I initially had presumed that all he was saying was impromptu but in reality it was more like a practiced enactment! Then I figured that he would be giving the same presentation about 20 odd times during the day five days a week all through the year for different batches. That was his job!

Now, how boring can that be! My whole perception of him and his profession underwent a complete turn around! I was no longer in awe of him or his profession! In fact I was feeling a trifle disappointed and even sorry for him.

Funny. What enthralled me in the first time disappointed me the next time. It was something I had not experienced before. So, it was again a ‘never-before’ experience!


PS: This time I cleared the second 'audio' round and after one more round of interview, I got my first job.

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