Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Lost Half Hour

Nowadays I usually wake up at 7.10 AM. But there was this one day when I had lots of work, and hence wanted to reach office early to get most of the work done before the usual grind started. So, I woke up at 6.40 AM which was a clear 30 minutes early. Very happy that the first, most crucial step (forced getting up) was accomplished successfully, I went about the morning routine in the usual gusto but with a slightly relaxed attitude since I was way early.

By the time I was done with breakfast, read the daily news, checked mails, and left home, it was 7.59 AM. Usually I leave home at 8.22 AM, so I was still 23 minutes ahead. I reached the BART station and waited for my train. The first train was so full that there were no seats to sit. I was so dependent on a seated onward journey, giving me just that wee bit of time for a short nap enabling me to be afresh for rest of the day that I skipped that train and waited for the next one. By the time, the next train came, I noticed with dismay that the time was 8.17 AM, just 10 minutes short of my usual train departure.

Over my attempt to get 40 winks, I heard over the PA that due to some mechanical issue, all trains towards SFO was delayed. When I finally got down at Montgomery and started walking towards my office, I saw the digital time hosted on Chase Bank office as 9.10 AM. Everyday, I would see it as 9.12 AM. By the time I reached my desk and saw the time on the phone, as I usually do, the difference between my usual arrival time and that day was so minute that it was, well, just a minute! [Now, that was too tempting a sentence to pass up!]

So much for waking up a full 30 minutes before!!

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