Friday, November 14, 2014

Excellent Shopping!

Once I went shopping in a well-known clothing retailer and selected many clothes for purchase. It was a long time since I had shopped clothes, so I didn't mind the massive shopping really. Finally, I reached the check-out counter and the agent scanned the price tags on all the clothes. The bill came up to almost $200. Customary to this shop, the agent highlighted the savings of almost $80 due to discounts, coupons, sale, etc. on the bill and said,

“Your bill is $194 and you have saved $78 today. Excellent shopping!

As he said the last two words, he looked at me and genuinely smiled. I was amused at the hollowness of it all. “Excellent shopping” because I saved $78? Does he really think I am so dumb as to think I saved $78? Everyone knows that the prices are always bolstered sky high and then reduced by 50% with a big SALE board on it or CLEARANCE sign. So, for a dress costing $5, it could be very well tagged as $50, and then a “SALE 50% OFF” depicting price shot down to $25, which still gives the retailer an immense five-fold profit. I give absolutely no value to the ‘savings’ portion or ‘Today you have saved…’ portion in bills that almost all retailers now produce.

Anyways, I thanked him equally hollowly, and made my way out of the clothing retailer. I guess I would have been happier if he had called out and told me that he was kidding and, in reality, actually intended a befitting pun –

“You spent $194 on these worthless clothes?!! Really?! Wow, excellent shopping!! Clap-clap-clap!! Thank you for your patronage and for my salary!” 

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