Tuesday, April 21, 2009

15th March 2009 to 2nd May 2009

March 15th-21st:
6 day week.
21st working day.

March 22nd-28th:
3 day week.
On Duty travel on 23rd and holiday on 27th.

March 29th-April 4th:
4 day week.
April 3rd holiday.

April 5th-11th:
4 day week.
Took leave on 8th.

April 12th-18th:
5 day week.
Normal week but 16th was birthday and hence could hardly work.

April 19th-25th:
4 day week.
23rd holiday.

April 26th-May 2nd:
4 day week.
1st holiday.

Cant get better than that, eh?!

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