Saturday, October 31, 2009

Temperature and Population

Noticed a strange thing last week. When just me and my wife were at home, the room temp hovered around 70s. My parents and sister-in-law came and the room temp climbed to 73s. Brother joined, and room temp further climbed to 76s. It could be coincidental that the outside temp too increased, but…it was food for weird thought. Just to bring down the fundamental laws of Geography, lets look at the facts...(!)

Average population density in US is less than average population density in India => Average temperature in US is less than average temperate in India.

So, is temperature directly proportional to population? There is hardly anyone living in Arctic and Antarctic. Hence climate is so cold out there. But if the entire world’s population was distributed evenly across all parts of the globe, perhaps we will have uniform temperature everywhere!

Its like people on a sinking ship. If one part of the ship is sinking, tendency is to move towards the safe part. But the safe part becomes unsafe if all of the passengers move to one side of the ship.

People move away from colder part of the world because it is cold but it could be that that part of the world is getting cold because there is no people living there; People move towards warmer part of the world because it is warm but it could be that this part of the world is getting warmer, and if not hotter, because there are lot of people moving into this part of the world!

Well, as I said. Its just a weird thought.


Kavitha Lokesh said...

Weird, but a thought which makes our brain work...
Nicely written.. Keep writing.

agk said...


weird thought Half door shut is equal to half door open so full door shut is full door open ,logically nicely written keep it up

Samrat said...

More people = more exhalation = more Co2 = More Green house gas.

In fact, scentifically speaking, cows are a major contributor to global warming due to the fact that they release huge amounts of Methane.. :-)

Harsha S Rao said...

@Kavitha - Thanks!

@Bill Mama - Thanks!

@Sam - Looks like its not a weird thought after all!!