Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Work and Pay

Most of us at work, are trying to figure out something, that is not working;
Trying to find a solution that is elusive, which makes you tear your hair out.

The more it is elusive, the more you want to tear your hair out, the better the pay is.



Preetham V said...

This is from an episode of House:

House is with a father and his sick son.

House: (Says something sarcastic)
Father: U think this is a joke? My son is dying and none of you have an answer!
House: That is what makes it interesting.

I guess if you appreciate the challenge you want the solution to be elusive.

Harsha S Rao said...

I dont want to appreciate the challenge. I dont want the solution to be elusive. I dont want to tear my hair out. But I want Big Pay :D

PS: This post was after I found out a solution to a problem that was nagging me for 48 hrs!!

mvadu said...

Have you noticed one thing, finding the cause of the problem is realyy the 80% of it, coming up with a fix is hardly 20%, i mean "to figure why this is behaving this way > how to fix this thing"

Kavitha Lokesh said...