Saturday, August 04, 2012


I saw a spiritual notice recently about how Man nowadays is keenly involved in rat-race and how useless it is to keep garnering the materialistic riches. I wondered if this is really so.

Most folks work to ensure that they can lead a decent lifestyle all the way till their lives’ end despite
(a) the number of offspring that they may plan and expenses incurred till their children are on their own,
(b) 30% - 40% of their lives being led in retirement and
(c) plan for any illnesses that may come their way.
Add to this the nemesis of Inflation and one feels any amount of money that is being earned is less at any point of time.

So, in reality, all that Man is doing is Surviving. Hence, more than it being a race amongst the rats, it is actually a game of mere survival. Right?

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Swati Pathak said...

Regardless of Ambanis and Tatas...I really don't know Harsha. I am a Gujarati. Ask me, there are plenty in there who has more than their three generations can use (wisely), but they still are very active being involved in rat-race. Coming from a business family they are unaware of the concept of retirement. They are always on job since 10th standard. Business runs from home makes you feel at office all the time. There is no off. There is no plan as such. I know my neighbor was bankrupt at age 60 due to new business venture. Business is work and business is vacation. Business is social life/friends/family and business is dream. It never ends. My grandpa's friends goes and seat at his shop at the age of 90. :-)