Sunday, June 25, 2006

Another day in paradise

The sky was blue. The air was crisp. The bees droned happily. The birds chirped merrily. The dew drops on the grass was fresh. It was like the world just had a fresh bath!

I felt great! As if someone had come and put all my worries and thoughts into a gunnybag and kicked it out of my mind and soul. I felt light and easy. The weight of the burden on my shoulder seemed to have been magically lifted.

I felt like a kid again. I went dancing along the road with a sprightly gaiety mouthing a ta di da di da! There was an infectious smile on my lips. Things looked beautiful all around. It was as if nothing wrong can ever happen in this nice and wonderful world!

Its true about one's apparel building up one's attitude. The dress, the clean-shaven face, the combed hair, the after shave - all added to the Goodness of the Ambience. I met a few people whom I knew and exchanged bonhomie and mutual praises! It always feels good to talk to people who respect and honour the relationship and the individual.

The mood was upbeat, the innocence was childish, the feel-good factor was high, the energy within was rejuvenating, the radiance was glowing, the feeling was one that of liberation!

It does feel good to free one's thoughts and worries once in a while and live the life of a kid to enjoy another day in paradise...

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Praveen Mayakar said...

Surely an amazing feeling! Quite infectious to spawn a blog...