Monday, June 19, 2006

Passion about Cricket

Cricket has been a passion to me since childhood. It was the era when Sachin was rising in glory and every match of his - or perhaps I should say - every innings of his was watched with abated breath. An uncanny expectation from him to score a century each time he went to crease and save the team from the ignominy of a Defeat became an expectation which was almost always fulfilled!

There were times when India lost by a whisker and the rest of the day would go in mourning. There were times when we swore for mistakes committed on the field. There were times when we jumped up and down when the opposition's wicket was taken. Cricket, in short, was a game which replaced food, hunger and sleep.

However, much of this passion was lost once I came to US. Perhaps it was because we never used to watch the game live. Perhaps it was because of the inappropriate time zones. It was during general friendly chat sessions that I was aware of cricket matches involving India and respective scores. I, for one, thought, gone was the passion...

And then came the Fidelity-Infy Cricket Championship Cup for Infoscions in US working for Fidelity client. It was a memorable day! Especially because the team representing our group won and more so due to the fact that I re-discovered my passion after a very long time! The passion of shouting, cheering, swearing, kicking, advising - all of which comes only when there is a high level of competitiveness on a sports ground.

It felt nice to be passionate again!

PS: Here is the link for some of the snaps...


Gotland Muriel said...

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Praveen Mayakar said...

True! absolutely true! Same was the feeling when i played cricket. Here it was s different scenario, we actually managed getting some interested people, including some swedes, and hand made a cricket bat (reminded me of those carpentry labs during engineering!), wickets were 2 planks of wood (we broke it out from the cupboard! Dont tell the owner! ;-) ). Custom made a football ground as a cricket ground (the same way as you did), and played the most enjoyable game that we have been playing from long. 'Twas a good feeling and we shall rejoice it for a long time.

Here is the link to he pics ->