Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Turning Point

A single incident is sufficient for changing the nature of a relationship.

All it needs is one action. The action might not be significantly big but even a small sensitive issue is enough to blow the granite off between the pathway of 2 individuals. It might not even be an action, or an issue. Even the choice of one's set of words employed to convey something, or the general behaviour is good enough to turn the tide.

The incident might be of whatsoever nature and of no importance to all concerned, but it is sufficient to bring about a change in the perception of the recipient. And it is this change in the perception that will then on lead to a change in general overall behavior, perhaps to ignorance, and even upto separation.

Often, the reason for the change of attitude might never be specified. Probably because of the low magnitude of the actual event, albeit its significance. Nevertheless, there will be a change. Like an invisible wall being built between the two. This wall will gradually grow thicker and then there will come a time when the two can no longer be connected in whatsoever fashion.

Occasionally, this will happen even due to communication gap or misunderstanding. An action will be interpreted in a totally different manner and building one theory upon another, the mind being good in always accumulating ill thoughts than nice, pleasant ones, it takes a long time to explain the real rationale and the True Intent. The best way to prevent this, however, will be to break that wall as early as possible and come to terms. But, letting the construction of the wall go on without interrupting will only lead to The Ultimate Separation.

However, more often than not, it shall be perceived right and the sunset commences. It is not that one should be beware of such situations, but the fact remains that a single action is sufficient to shut the relationship off like a switch.

It has happened to me too. I cannot continue to be the same way I am to someone close to me if I perceive something that is done by that someone which is against The Basic Principles and something that really puts me off. I have been at the receiving end as well when people have just turned their backs to me and walked off due to some actions of mine.

It is heartening. As they say, 'Once the damage is done, it stays forever' and 'Crossing the Point of No Return.' Sad, but true.

For those of you who sense a change in me towards you, you now know why!
And for those of you who walked out on me, please do forgive and forget....


Praveen Mayakar said...

True! More than a couple of such experiences taught me to be neutral to most people i meet. The bonding happens more due to understanding of the perceptions and appreciated behaviours.

More likely, as it is to miunderstand or to offend or recept, so it shall be to forgive and get forgiven.

As always i TRY to implement "Understand to be understood" which is rather tough to implement and understand

Only, relatively the most good can have such an implementation. I find very few of them, unfortunately...excluding myself :-(

Kiran said...

Hi, read some of the posts and could see the writer in u.
Enjoyed reading!
Liked this one specially because many relations have changed in my life too with so many reasons for the change.
Hope my hiatus sometimes doesn't change our relation :)

bbye and keep writing! :)