Monday, August 13, 2007

An Inconvenient Truth

I remember the joy when Bend it like Beckham was telecasted as part of our training program when I joined Dell to enable us with UK accent. Apart from the ‘enabling’ part, it was everything else! I mean, to be shown a movie and to be paid for it as part of your salary, was, for me, one of the greatest things that can ever happen!

Imagine my joy when I was told that Infosys was telecasting An Inconvenient Truth! Not only was it just a movie, it was one of the most sought-after DVDs that I had ever wanted to see. I had failed in my attempts to get it in US and here I was, being invited to see it, at the royal, corporate, MC Hall in Infosys with all its grandeur and splendour!

But the documentary itself was what I expected it to be and more. An inconvenient truth is a truly amazing documentary which has to be seen by one and all. As quickly as possible. It throws shocking statistics about Global Warming and how miniscule our awareness and effort is to reduce it. How catastrophic the disaster we are causing to ourselves and to mankind. How shockingly everything on this earth is related to Global warming and how little we are doing about it.

From weather inconsistencies to new diseases propping up in Medical Science. From new dangerous species of animals to old ones’ extinction. From calm and soothing to unsettling and disturbed. From life to death.

Ironically, before I saw the documentary, I had just attended a meeting from a higher-up who was speaking gravely of how individual project teams were not adhering to logging actual time worked in the system. He went on length and discussed how critical it is to log time and track it. As if it was a matter of life and death. And then I saw this movie. How miniscule it is, our thought, when we have such actual, real issues facing us, our lives, our very existence, which science has proved beyond any doubt that we are nearing Doomsday and that should be our focused attention, and everything else is minor.

Is there any grave talk of telling project teams to switch the monitor, lights and fan off when they are leaving for the day? Is there any meetings organized to audit/appreciate/feedback one’s overall contribution of carbon-di-oxide to environment? I mean, these are actual issues of the world which are indeed matter of life and death.

Someone else dies at the other end of the world if we are ethically incorrect human beings. If the sea water rises, we will have about a million refugees. I read in the paper that thickness of cornea is decreasing because of global warming. Mosquitoes and flies are now seen on mountain tops as the weather on mountain tops is warmer. Ecological system is getting damaged. Penguins are not finding ice glaciers to rest.

Interestingly, according to a result released, US is the highest contributor of Carbon di oxide and one of the least bothered about global warming while India is vice versa. Yet, global warming is something that has to be dealt with irrespective of cast, creed and country. For if we don’t, we all are destined to suffer.

It is, as it is rightly named, An Inconvenient Truth.

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SimblyDimply said...

Have been wating to watch this for a longtime. Human beings are vain. Reminds me of - vinashakaale vipareeta buddhi.