Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Navaratna's Navaratnas

There is no true meaning of life. Jeevanadalli artha kalpiskobeku.

Nobody is a saint… and all saints have a history.

Paramatma is whimsical. Sigbekagirodu sigalla...innello yeneno sigatte. Life is like that.

Not all friendships are marriage worthy. And some relationships and friendships are as best left there but are all so clouded by our emotions that we rarely see it and it is possible to love someone without wanting to marry him.

One’s life partner should be everything that one is and many things that one wanted to be.

For everything, desha kaala varthamana yella koodi barbeku.

What a needle can do, a sword cannot.

You just have to make that blind leap in faith and believe you can do it. Bhanda dhairya irbeku lifenalli…Appa amma maTa ooru keri nodidare agalla…adakke satyada haadi yavattu kasta.

The satisfaction that one gets for having designed a life for oneself - thats the kill. The thrill is in the journey. The destination is inconsequential.


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Deepti said...

Raamaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! This is too much! I am flattered and floored.. mortified, petrified and stupified (Rem this phrase?)

Gawd, naan next time chat madidaaga husharaagirteeni.. thinkexist.com inda quotations gattu hodkondu helteeni ninge!

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