Monday, August 13, 2007

A perfect weekend

This Friday…
…Our work unit celebrations in the evening. Not to mention the gifts and ethnic dress. The customary song, dance, skit, awards, snacks, dinner and DJ. While everything was good, it was spellbinding experience to see the throng shaking to the tunes of the DJ. Such liveliness, such happiness, such joviality, everyone on the dance floor being as if on a high, groups forming their own choreography, some dancing for none but themselves in great consternation and dedication, some pairing up intimately. This was true celebration.
…Such celebration existed when I joined Infosys 5 years ago and it will exist 5 years hence. It would have existed 5 years before I joined and will exist 10 years hence. But then, while I am sure it will still be a captivating sight just to see, I guess, I will be just a tad too old even to derive pleasure out of simply seeing.
…But something that touched a chord was the sight of people taking awards for various sports, quiz and games category. While I used to participate at least in some events during college life, in my professional life, I just stopped. Not sure why, but somewhere I lost it all. All participation mails are ignored and I am content to be a clapper. Am I already “tad too old”?

This Saturday…
…The usual Violin class and practice.
…Domestic chores and relaxation.
…A wonderful Carnatic vocal concert at Gayana Samaja by Sanjay Subrahmaniam.

This Sunday…
…The monthly offerings to late grandparents followed by the feast at Mutt.
…A game of Scrabble with cousins. One of my favourites. I scored the least, but I enjoyed helping them all!
…Movie theatre with family, for the first time since my return to India. Thoroughly enjoyed.

All in all, a perfect weekend. Others’ dance, my violin, an expert’s concert, a religious feast, a mind tingling game and a hilarious movie! Sometimes, its just as good as it gets!

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