Thursday, October 18, 2007

"I miss you"

Lets face it. I knew many friends who happened to be of the opposite gender as mine. And many of those many, have tied the sacred knot. And once such a thing happens, its like a spinner coming onto the crease instead of a paceman, with whom you were used to. Hence, there is a paradigm shift. One needs to change one's stance, one needs to stand within the crease because the wicket-keeper has come up, and you need to re-focus and see how the ball is turning.

In other words, the whole relationship takes a new course. It need not necessarily stop altogether, yet there is a subtle change. And with this change, comes the nostalgia of the good old days, and the immense fun experienced during the yesteryears when a friend was just a friend instead of someone else's wife. And, when a friend is someone else's wife, it is indeed inappropriate to say 'I miss you,' although you indeed feel it.

Well, suffice it to say that when they read this post, they will know that it is meant for them. Every one of them. For old times' sake.


Guru said...

it is indeed true and it is worse if that female friend of yours happens to be your best friend.. things wont change between you and her but the priorities would change..

Anonymous said...

Its more difficult for the female friend to handle the situation. The words " i miss you" which popped out so easily before her marriage would take an entirely different meaning if if it means the same to her.