Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Saturday through Tuesday

Days prior to Saturday:

It was a really, really long weekend!
Saturday through Tuesday!
After a very long time!
I was happy.

So, plans started revolving around Goa for four full days!
But we were short of people, as each had his own prior commitments.
Out went Trip to Goa.
I was sad.

Still, there were four of us enthusiasts and one more tentative.
Decided to go to Yercaud in Tamil Nadu (and nearby places) for three days.
So, I booked a cab for Sunday through Tuesday.
I was happy.


The cab was not yet confirmed for Sunday.
I couldn’t get any tickets or passes for the Ind V Aus cricket at Bangalore.
Whole world seemed against me for the long weekend.
I was sad.

Fortune favours the brave and luck favours those with pluck.
I went to stadium with no hope, but got tickets in black.
I paid seven times the ticket value but I didnt care.
I was ecstatic.

Atmosphere within stadium was electric!
A nod by a player towards us was sufficient for us to go in uproars!
Electronic display focusing occasionally on a lady created a euphoria!
I was all smiles.

Meanwhile, the cab got confirmed for Sunday.
Perhaps Goa getting cancelled was for good: I got to see match live in stadium!
Whole world seemed to be with me for the long weekend!
I was happy.

After Aussies had piled up 307 and Sachin out for a duck, alas, the rain started.
I had sacrificed a wonderful RKP vocal concert at my Music School, for cricket.
And here I was, seeing rain for three full hours, until match was called off.
I was devastated.

Fortune favours the brave and luck favours those with pluck?
I took back my prayer of thanking the Lord for sending a messiah with ticket.
Then, the Tentative one messaged saying he was backing out of Yercaud.
I was all scowls.

Evening News said Bundh in Tamil Nadu.
With just four of us, it was going to cost us dear.
Whole world seemed against me for the long weekend.
I was sad.


Did a quick search on net and found alternate to Yercaud.
Bandipur national forest seemed encouraging.
Only to find the Bundh postponed by a day.
I was happy.

So, off we went to Yercaud, as per original plans.
As is with all trips, nice conversations and humour rolled.
Even as we reached Yercaud, the threat of Bundh next day prevailed.
I was confused.

Monfort Convent, Lady’s Seat and Pogoda Point were nice places.
But we finished visiting attractions in Yercaud within two hours.
We thought of moving into Karnataka and staying over at BR Hills.
I was neither sad nor happy.

But on our way downhill, we decided to head back to Bangalore.
And so, after even more interesting conversations, we were back.
The days and days of planning for long weekend ending up with a day long trip.
I was neither happy nor sad.


But this opened up new opportunities.
And since I felt like driving, I took my parents to Ghati.
A nice picturesque ride in the country for about an hour and a half.
I was exhilarated.

A nice two-sided idol in the temple.
But a rather crowded road on the journey back.
Snacks at Chalukya.
I was exhausted.


A nice relaxing eight hour good night’s sleep.
Refreshing shuttle badminton.
Violin practice and violin class.
I was satisfied.

A cricket match on which I had absolutely no expectations.
Some monthly domestic activities, and a couple of good blogs.
Thus came to an end, the long, long weekend.
I was content.

Days after Tuesday:

I was miserable.

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